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"Mike was the crux of why my wedding ran smoothly and was so much fun. I instantly knew I wanted to hire him because he was super outgoing, friendly, funny, and knows what he is doing!”
Glen Arm, MD

What does a wedding DJ actually do?

Most people think that the DJ just plays music and makes a few annoucements. Music is an essential part of any celebration. However, there are many other important elements to a wedding. Your wedding can be amazing by embracing the power of MAGIC.

  • Moments & Memories
  • Attention to Detail
  • Guest Involvement
  •  Imagination
  • Celebration

As a Master of Ceremonies, I am ultimately responsible for the success of your wedding. This is a title that that I am very proud of and I have dedicated my life to creating unforgettable, amazing results for my clients.  A total of 40 hours work is invested into every wedding.  Below, you will see how we prepare for your upcoming wedding. 

I can assume that most of you have never planned an event before, so you don’t really know where to begin. The only thing that you are sure of is you want your event to be amazing and fun! (At least most people do). In order to provide you with an amazing event, we need to communicate. I need to find out more about you: develop a working relationship with you.  I want to know the awesome things that you would like to achieve during your event and plan them using your personality, style, and sense of humor. This is why communication is so extremely important. Whether it’s by email, text, phone call, or in person, the details build the foundation on which the whole event rests.

I know, paperwork can be tedious and boring. However, details are the key to your success. The more detailed your event is, the better the result will be. The provided itinerary contains everything that you could plan during your event. It is super easy to fill out and will present ideas that you might not have thought about. You also have freedom to uphold traditions or not; it’s up to you. Every activity has a “No” box. Just mark it and move on.

Once we have created a playbook (aka the itinerary), our focus can shift to planning the fun stuff. This is the core of your celebration and the reason why I get to your know your personality, style, and sense of humor. We can have fun with your wedding party, your formal dances, your grand entrance, and…your guests.  I have some ideas that will have you guests  laughing, cheering, and maybe even shedding a happy tear or two. After all, your party is not a spectator sport!

After we go over all of the details and all questions are answered,  I will make sure that your day is completely stress-free!  In total, 40 hours of work goes into preparing for your wedding.

This portion of my service is priceless and has paid endless dividends to my couples. The day before the wedding, I will attend the rehearsal with full gear(music, lapel mics, speakers, etc.) This allows you to make mistakes, laugh and have fun, and remove or add elements from the ceremony.

By playing the actual music and hearing your voices through the speakers, you will know exactly how your ceremony will be and if any changes need to be made. Since most people are very nervous about making sure the ceremony is perfect, this service is priceless.

On your big day, we will bring all of the equipment needed to entertain at your wedding (music, lights, mics, etc.) lol..we even bring our own table and linens. We arrive 3 hours early to set-up, run sound checks, and check our play lists. Everything is taken care of so that you can focus on having an amazing time at your wedding.

As your coordinator and host, I will make sure that everything runs smoothly, using my microphone skills to entertain and relay important information. As your master of Ceremony, I will engage your guests and have fun with them. As your DJ, I will play music that will encourage your guests to come out and join you on the dance floor.

As you can see, there is a whole lot more to a wedding than just playing music. I hope that my value has been proven to you and look forward to creating an amazing wedding with you!

"M & T Event Entertainment was excellent to work with and was the perfect choice for our wedding!! Very professional from day one. Not only did we use him for DJ services but we also added karaoke and an amazing photo booth! Would definitely use again, money well spent! Highly recommended!!"
Mathwig Event Barn- Thurmont, Md.



Any DJ can deliver a great party, but only a dedicated DJ can consistently deliver an amazing event every single time.  We invest 40 hours worth of work into each wedding because we understand just how important your big day is.

So, what happens now? First, we communicate. If we are going to work together, we must talk to one another. Then, we can determine what you need for your wedding. We don’t want you paying for something you don’t want or need.  If you will allow us to ask you a few questions, we can provide a price just for you.

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